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About Us

Otherpower.com and Wondermagnet.com are owned by ForceField--a small business, run completely out of our homes. Our business and shipping office is in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. It is usually staffed Monday thru Friday, 9-4 Mountain Time, and is a very busy place! Some of our staff live and work in a very remote area west of town, high up in the mountains. They are connected to the office thru the miracle of 2-way satellite internet service.

Our office staff in town can explain to you over the phone all you'd ever need to know and more about our magnets, books, and experimental science products. They can take phone orders, resolve any problems with your order, and find your package even if the shipping service accidentally got lost and delivered it to Timbuktu. However, they cannot answer questions about sizing, designing and installing Renewable Energy systems, building wind turbines or other components, etc. We can ONLY answer that kind of question via email, since there are no telephone or power lines up here on the mountain. If you want to place an order, have questions regarding your order, or need information about our products, either Email our office or call us during business hours at (toll free) (877)944-6247 or (970)484-7257. Our mailing address is 2606 W Vine Dr, Fort Collins, CO 80521.

If you have questions regarding home-built wind turbines or any of the pages on our website, you can Email DanB and DanF HERE. Please note our email guidelines (from the Otherpower.com front page) : PLEASE be aware that we receive many more Email requests for free information and advice than we can possibly respond to and still run our business...they come in twice as fast as we can reply. For quicker advice and opinions alternative energy questions from experimenters worldwide, try posting your question to the Otherpower Discussion Board. Please research your question by searching our discussion board and Google before posting or emailing us. If you do Email us, make sure your email has a good subject line -- if the subject is 'blank', says 'hello' or 'how are you' it will never be read - many viruses and spam contain these headers. Please keep your questions specific regarding topics we've written about. If you ask 'how do I build a windmill?' or 'how big a system do I need to run my house?' you probably won't get a reply...please do your homework first. If you ask us 'on your Gerbil-powered generator page, how many turns are in each coil and what direction are they wound' we will almost certainly reply promptly. If we dont, please email again and remind us. THANKS for being considerate!

Forcefield's Websites:


A huge FREE resource for alternative energy enthusiasts and experimentors. Build your own low-rpm permanent-magnet alternators, battery chargers, anemometers, windmills, hydro turbines and more. Free information on building remote power systems for cheap. Very active discussion board...get your solar/wind/hydro power questions answered fast! Many DIY projects and experiments. Unusual and hard-to-find components and books!


The world's most powerful magnets in dozens of shapes and sizes. Magnet and magnetism FAQs, safety information, science experiments with magnets, amazing demonstration images, very active magnet science discussion board! Diamagnetic levitation, superconductors, magnetic water treatment, unusual uses for strong magnets. Links to other magnet science resources. Great selection of unusual experimental science and magnet books!


We sell our products mostly on the Internet. We do not have a mail-order catalog available at this time, it's all online. Customers may place orders online with the order form and pay via check, money order, paypal, or through our secure credit card processing form. After payment is received, we ship products on the same or next business day via UPS or Priority Mail. If you need faster shipping, call us -- we can ship by FedEx or UPS 2- or 1- day air also.

We also sell certain products on Ebay, including magnets and one-of-a-kind experimental science and alternative energy components. Our Ebay user ID is pie, and we have many thousands of positive feedbacks.

FORCEFIELD was created in 1998. One day DanB purchased a computer and browsed the web for the first time. He gave eBay a try. Dan immediately became hooked as he experimented selling a variety of odd products, and qucikly discovered that surplus magnets had tremendous appeal.

The next step was the creation of the web site. Initially it was a scanned image of a hand-written sign, declaring "FORCE-FIELD" with a phone number.

Since then, we have been gradually growing, selling larger numbers of a greater variety of products. Otherpower.com was our next big project, a natural thanks to the remote rural environment where much of our staff lives. Our web sites are continually growing as new products, experiments, information, and functionality are integrated into the pages. The project has grown considerably and has developed into full-time work for many of us.

Our goal is to share our information free of charge with anyone who is interested. Information is a very powerful tool, and we hope our experiments with magnets, alternative energy and experimental science are helpful to you. However, if you need magnets, books or science supplies please consider ordering them from us! We hope you find our pages informative, useful and enjoyable.


We all take up slack when it's necessary. We try our hardest to be friendly, honest, and FAST! It is our goal to provide complete satisfaction for each and every one of our customers--please let us know if you are having a problem, and we'll try our best to help. We currently have 5 full-time and 1 part-time employees, some of whom work at the office, some at home.

Dan B: Owner Matt B: Owner Daphne B: Office Manager Dan F: Writer, IT guy Rich C: Windsmith George C: Wind Turbine Fabrication

Thank you for visiting! Please Email us if you have any questions or comments.



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