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Magnet Science Experiments

We have had a great deal of fun performing and photographing these magnet experiments. Many of them could be made into excellent Science Fair projects! We sell all of the magnets and most of the apparatus and supplies used for these experiments on our Web Shopping Cart. Have fun -- but PLEASE be careful. These experiments must be performed under adult supervision. Read our Magnet Safety Warnings before ordering or experimenting.

diamagnetic levitation
Fun With Diamagnetic Levitation

Levitate small NdFeB magnets between carbon-graphite or bismuth plates, and carbon-graphite chips over magnets! Plus learn about Diamagnetism and Earnshaw's Theorem in the process. The magnets and plates are inexpensive, and the experiments are quite safe.
superconductor levitation
Superconductor Levitation

The most dramatic magnetic levitation experiment ever! Demonstrates the Meissner Effect. The 'high-temperature' superconductor material requires liquid nitrogen to reach critical temperature, so this experiment must be performed by an adult--but it will leave both your young and old spectators amazed!
ferrofluid demonstration
Fun With Ferrofluid

A high-tech liquid that shows you the shape of magnetic fields in three dimensions! The shapes change as you move magnets near the the fluid. Combinations of different magnets and moving magnets can give incredible results. Adult supervision required, the fluid stains anything it touches.
magnetic field viewing film
Magnetic Viewing Film Experiments

Really cool, inexpensive film lets you see a magnetic field in 2 dimensions. Shows light green where a magnetic field is parallel to the surface, and dark green when the field is perpendicular. Completely safe, non-toxic and re-usable.
reciprocating electric motor
Reciprocating Electric Motor

A fun and fairly easy experiment that demonstrates magnetism and electromagnetism, and also shows how gasoline and steam engines work. Great project!
Halbach array flux diagram
Halbach Magnet Arrays

An interesting configuration of permanent magnets that cancels flux on one side and compounds it on the other. Possbilities for maglev trains, electric motors, and more! We used it to build a one-sided refridgerator magnet -- one side sticks to the fridge, the other does not!
diamagnetic water
Diamagnetic Water Experiments

Learn about the diamagnetic properties of water with these experiments, and prove that it is true! Scientists with huge electromagnets have levitated small frogs due to the diamagnetic properties of the water in their bodies!

Spinning magnets and coils of wire are used to produce almost all the electricity in the world! Visit our sister site to learn how to build your own permanent magnet alternators, and make power from moving wind or water. Tons of cool solar, wind and hydro projects. Many of our employees get all of their power from the sun and wind....they are completely off-grid.

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